The Putrid Stench of Decaying Self

by Trapped Within Burning Machinery

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released October 5, 2012


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Trapped Within Burning Machinery Moreno Valley, California

Trapped Within Burning Machinery is an American sludge/doom metal band from Moreno Valley, California formed in 2009. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Zak Esparza, guitarist Rob Trujillo, drummer Geoff Jones and bassist Ernie Lara.

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Track Name: Parasitic Mind Decomposition
The placenta of vermin is ripe and thick. Human disease and proud of it. Bestowed upon them, the weight of space. The sands of time have gone to waste. The beating heart s of the many. The endless withering minds. The gift of life. The illusion of the gift. The kneeling peasants and bodies set adrift. We eat our cake. We drink our wine. They hold our hearts. They suckle our minds. A society of plastic. A military of rabid beasts. They’ll drain our every resource, until the final feast.
Track Name: Plague of Aeon's
Human blood. Lubrication. Bodies strung with wires, in fascination. Electric masturbation. Birth technology. End imagination. Polluted sunset fall with desperation. Pull the veil of night over this decaying civilization. The sewage has filled the lakes and the streams. The bodies float, laid to rest amongst the dreams. This is a tomb of electronic waste. A monolith of machines. Aiming for the sky but tearing the roots from the ground.
Track Name: Smoldering Enclave
A storm of hopelessness distorts the path to liberation. A downpour of disgust floods the streets with parasites. With leeches. Our hearts pump with metal lubricants and our clouds breathe ash into our lungs. We sadly accept the vicious dehumanization that has become our bleak reality. We fathom rebellion but are shackled by premeditated and oppressive illusions. An industrious nirvana keeps us sedated and impotent. symphonies of greed and ignorance blare from biased fear mongering puppets. Our eyes glossed with violence and our stomachs brimming with blood. We must vomit forth. Strangle the sewage spewing behemoths. Reclaim.
Track Name: Industrial Snuff
It holds my throat in its hands. Longing to baptize me in its filth. My veins pumped full of angelic drugs. They drool in perversion as I sway in a nauseous haze. I am lost in plastic dreams, entranced by oil streams. Carcinogenic pornography. I awaken with filling lungs. My head held firmly beneath the waves. My body flails in an endless sea. May these convulsions create ripples and may these ripples carry my despair for my screams will go unnoticed amongst these pulsating machines.
Track Name: Huff
We will find an answer in the wake of the monuments crumble. The kingdom torn from the seams that bound it to the skies. Let the tyrants boil in a sea of soil. Let the thieves drink from the troughs of their legacy. Strewn with the heads and hands of their brethren. They will taste the poison their ancestors injected of which they were so fond. Huff. Huff every last remnant Of charred skin and bones. We are the carcinogen. We pulsate in your lungs. We will pave the road to salvation with your fucking carcass.
Track Name: Submergence
We are raised to believe that everything will be ok, but fear courses through our veins. A lack of hope and an empty future, reality feeds my constant urge to die. I feel as if my throats been slit. Everything’s so far away and I cant say shit. Ill rot away. I swear ill die like this. Pitiful human waste of life. Broken hands still held in prayer. A hope for salvation only ends in despair. Why cant you see that life is disease. Submerged in the depths of oppression. You mean nothing to me. Life means nothing to me.
Track Name: Violet Vein
Innocence withers with every breath. But the stench of rot remains. Tomorrow caked in ashes. And time withers like the flame. Our future is the rust on the carcass of earth and our birth is a mystery. The spawn of famine is cloaked in black and exhales right next to me. I laugh at the fool who delves into the abyss of eternity, but the spawn of suffering, the epitome of hate, beats your heart to a pulp of misanthropy. Frustration dissects me. Death will swallow me whole and I will lubricate.

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